about  kelly-marie

I've been an artist all my life, in one form or another. An actor, A filmmaker. A singer, A musician. A painter. Art is life for me. The need to create is what keeps me alive.


I feel that I should have some profound statement but i don't. I simply enjoy making art. I enjoy making it for myself and I enjoy making it for others. My father calls me an engaging artist. I love to share my work and talk to people about my work, my process, my tools. I love to hear from other artists and to learn from them, their techniques, their successes, their failures. Its amazing how art can bring complete strangers together, if just for a moment, to share in something they have in common. A desire to be moved, to get lost in or to simply enjoy art.  That is all I wish for those who see my work. That I can fulfill that desire in them or perhaps to awaken it.

All my pieces are for sale. Contact me for pricing and I accept commissions.

recent news....

November 2019 - Kelly-Marie has been awarded  a  three month Toronto Artscape Foundation Launchpad Bursary running from December 16 to March 16.

The Toronto Artscape Foundation Launchpad Bursaries are available to both emerging creatives and those already in businesses that they are seeking to grow and are focused on providing support to creatives who are engaged in the following creative disciplines:

  • Textiles + Fashion

  • Fine Metals + Jewellery

  • Woodworking

  • Digital Fabrication & Electronics

  • Design (graphic, architectural, interior, etc)

  • Music production

  • Film and Video production

  • Digital Media

The Program offers a limited number of 6-month Launchpad Bursaries that include:

  • Unlimited access to all Launchpad Learning programs and social events, designed for creatives

  • Access to five Creative Studios for production and experimentation in: Textiles + Fashion; Fine Metals + Jewellery; Digital Fabrication; Electronics; or Woodworking + Studio 101 training

  • Ability to earn credits toward accessing our state-of-the-art Digital Media Lab*

  • Coaching and wayfinding services

  • Access to Launchpad’s co-working spaces and Computer Lab

  • A vibrant, collaborative environment bringing together creatives from a wide range of disciplines